Need help with the GDPR? Let's partner up

TRUENDO partners with digital agencies, IT consultants and solicitors to help protecting the personal data of everyone. Let us defend the data privacy of your website visitors, and help your customers facilitate trust and improve communication with their potential clients.

Consent management made easy

Whether you're a designer, legal consultant, marketer, DPO or business owner - we can help you with your GDPR and CCPA compliance.


We automatically scan your website once a month to ensure that you are always compliant, and you can organize cookies into any category of your choosing after users have given their consent.

TRUENDO automation


TRUENDO is able to collect valuable information, while remaining fully compliant. By using insights, you will be able to learn more about your customers and improve the way you target potential clients.

TRUENDO Insights - statistics dashboard


The color scheme of our cookie manager and cookie banner, as well as button colors and size can be changed to match the corporate identity of your organization to maintain a seamless look on your website.

TRUENDO customizable color scheme

Privacy policy & cookie policy

The TRUENDO CMP comes with an integrated standard privacy policy and auto-generated cookie policy without any extra cost.

Cookie database

Automatic prefill of services and tracking technologies with TRUENDO's comprehensive global cookie repository of commonly used third-party services.


TRUENDO is now available in 31 languages – covering all EU countries and their major trading partners. You can find our list of supported languages here.

User permissions management

User permissions management

You can manage multiple domains, and invite colleagues to manage your account within the TRUENDO console. You can also grant them access to specific projects and organizations.

Because, why not?

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Offer your customers an out-of-the-box CMP, or increase customer retention and sell compliant-ready websites.

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Frequently asked questions

For our comprehensive list of FAQs about TRUENDO, as well as legal and GDPR information, please visit here.

How do I implement TRUENDO on websites?

In the TRUENDO console, you can copy the script and site-ID Under Integration in the Banner Configuration tab. Then you just need to paste the snippet in the <head> as the very first script on the page section of your website, and save your changes. For more information, including Wordpress, Wix, Magento, Shopify, and Drupal integrations, please refer to our Documentation.

Does Truendo provide CMS support?

We have WordPress and Magento plugins. You can find all information about implementing TRUENDO on WordPress, Magento, Wix and Shopify in our Documentation.

What does it mean to have unlimted page views and sessions?

This is because TRUENDO only counts the Unique Visitors on your domain. This means that a visitor can view your page as many times, in as many separate sessions as they'd like.

Can I get a refund after I have made the purchase?

Yes, on a pro-rata (a.k.a. pro-rated) basis.

What happens to my licenses if I do cancel my partnership?

Everything you have purchased will be available to you until the renewal date.

How do I invite other people to manage my account?

You can send them an invitation via the console, they will receive an email with a link that will grant them access to your account. Navigate to User in the main menu, then go to the User Permissions section in My Account.

How do I assign people to my projects and organizations?

You can manage user access to specific projects and organizations within the console. Navigate to User in the main menu, then go to the User Permissions section in My Account.