Data Protection Authorities

You can find contact information of all DPAs and statistics of GDPR fines imposed for respective countries here.

Highest fines by country

€ 746,257,900
(at 16 fines)

352 fines
(€ 36,744,810 in total)

(All GDPR fines statistics reference: GDPR Enforcement Tracker by CMS. Last updated: 10 Aug., 2021)

Highest fines by violation

Non-compliance with general data processing principles
€ 784,696,244 in total
(at 190 fines)

Insufficient legal basis for data processing
324 fines
(€ 192,517,188 in total)

Highest fines by sector

Industry and Commerce
€ 767,484,792
(at 202 fines)

Industry and Commerce
202 fines
(€ 767,484,792 in total)