Make GDPR, ePrivacy and CCPA compliance as easy as one click, with the TRUENDO Consent Management Platform.


We automatically scan your website once a month to ensure that you are always compliant, and you can organize cookies into any category of your choosing after users have given their consent.

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TRUENDO is able to collect valuable information, while remaining fully compliant. By using insights, you will be able to learn more about your customers and improve the way you target potential clients.

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The color scheme of our cookie manager and cookie banner, as well as button colors and size can be changed to match the corporate identity of your organization to maintain a seamless look on your website.

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How it works


Quick sign up

Simple steps to create your account, starting with a website scan.


Optional customization

Adjust the look and feel of your CMP now or later.


Easy implementation

Just copy and paste our code onto your website then you're set!

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Start your free trial today

TRUENDO is an easy-to-use but powerful tool that can help you be compliant within minutes. Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise - we have the right solution that can adapt to your needs. Start your free trial now.

We've got you covered

Our pricing packages are catered to organizations of all sizes and with different needs.


/ month

Ideal for small businesses such as beauty salons, restuarants, trainers, advisors, freelancers, vetenarians and sole traders.



/ month

Ideal for small businesses such as law firms, online shops, blogs, web agencies, and consultants, serving a regional or local market.


/ month

Ideal for for businesses with higher traffic that serve international visitors or offer websites in mulitple languages.

Marc Hofmann

CEO | CheckMyBus

"We tested multiple CMPs, but the TRUENDO solution was the only one that fulfilled our specific industry needs. Their flexibility and professionality is of the highest standard."

Mathias Maier

CEO | Vereinsplaner

"Thanks to TRUENDO, we do not have to worry about cookies and we can focus on our core tasks at Vereinsplaner. With the design options offered we were able to customize various elements to fit our CI."

Martin Jungmann


"Thanks to the cooperation with TRUENDO, we are able to carry out our customer projects with even better service and performance. Compliance with the current legal obligations under the GDPR always have the highest priority. "

Dr. Christian H. Backmann

CEO | Preisvergleich

"The TRUENDO Team is very professional. They helped us make our websites GDPR compliant. It’s easy to use and the integration is very quick. I can only recommend TRUENDO."