Privacy is a fundamental human right

At TRUENDO, we are dedicated to building the best privacy tools to ensure the protection of personal data.

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TRUENDO was founded by Joshua Dippenaar and Fredrik Gustafsson in Vienna in 2017.


TRUENDO is replicated to over 200 servers worldwide for maximum performance.


The TRUENDO global team currently consists of 4 locations and 10 nationalities.

Our story

Started as a weekend project between friends in 2014, in search of a solution to improve personal data management, TRUENDO eventually became a full-time endeavour in autumn 2017 after the team participated in the INiTS SCALEup incubator program.

After speaking to hundreds of businesses about their thoughts on data privacy, prior to and after the GDPR came into effect, Joshua and Fredrik - the founders of TRUENDO, realized it was a subject that ignited a lot of fear and uncertainty in companies, as well as in individuals. The result of which has been the opposite of what GDPR originally aimed to achieve - transparency and control. They saw what was missing were tools that could make this an achievable goal.

Post-GDPR privacy policies and cookie management have become less transparent and more chaotic than ever before. This does not have to be the case. It is possible to embrace both data privacy and transparency, and not only for the sake of regulatory compliance, but for the purpose of respecting individual privacy.

Since hiring our first employee in spring 2018, TRUENDO has steadily grown and shaped itself into a software company dedicated to making data privacy easy for all. With our user-friendly and accessible product, as well as the flexible solutions that we offer, website compliance is made easier than ever before. We are continuously improving on our product, while also constantly working on new ideas to ultimately make our goal a reality.

Meet our executive team

Joshua Dippenaar

Joshua Dippenaar

Co-founder / CEO / CTO
Over 13 years in the fields of DevOps, infrastructure, software development and team leading in the industries of software automation, e-commerce and finance.
Fredrik Gustafsson

Fredrik Gustafsson

Co-founder / CEO
Over 18 years of experience as a senior software developer and team lead in the fields of medicine, e-commerce, renewal energy and software automation.
Oliver Haidutschek

Oliver Haidutschek

Over 20 years of experience as a visual designer with a focus on UI/UX from conception to release. Experienced in agile project management including OKRs and quality management.