Privacy that works for people

At TRUENDO, we are dedicated to helping people exercise their right to data privacy, and making GDPR and CCPA website compliance easy for organizations.

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TRUENDO was founded by Joshua Dippenaar and Fredrik Gustafsson in Vienna in 2017.


TRUENDO is replicated to over 200 servers worldwide for maximum performance.


The TRUENDO global team currently consists of 4 locations and 10 nationalities.

We strive to make data privacy a reality for everyone.

We offer a website privacy solution that is easy to understand, always pragmatic, and within the frame of law. With the extensive knowledge of our technical founders, TRUENDO understands the ins and outs of data privacy. TRUENDO has in-house TÜV certified Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who cooperate with our legal partners, external DPOs, and other experts in the field of data privacy to help ensure your compliance.

For the end users browsing the internet, we make being anonymous online an easy choice.  

For agencies using our software, we provide a plug-and-play application that requires minimal effort to implement, with close to zero maintenance work.

For organizations using our software, we offer them the means to collect and manage user consent, and thus able to prove their compliance with ease.  

With TRUENDO Essentials, website compliance is made easier than ever before. We are continuously improving on our product, while also constantly working on new ideas to ultimately make our goal a reality.

We would love for you to join us on our journey to democratize the web and make the management of data privacy accessible to everyone.

Meet our technical founders

Joshua Dippenaar

Joshua Dippenaar

Over 14 years in the fields of DevOps, infrastructure, software development and team leading in the industries of software automation, e-commerce and finance.
Fredrik Gustafsson

Fredrik Gustafsson

Over 19 years of experience as a senior software developer and team lead in the fields of medicine, e-commerce, renewable energy and software automation.