November 3, 2021

Cookie banner checklist

Cookie banner checklist

So you've been told that you need to have a cookie banner on your website - but what does it actually need to include to be GDPR compliant? Let us break it down for you in 4 categories:

1. Information it should include

  • Information about what the cookies are, and what each button does
  • The purposes (categories of the purposes) of cookies that are set
  • A list of all the services that set cookies
  • Information about the services
    - Address of the services (to inform the user if they are inside or outside the EU)
    - Names of the services
    - Website URL
    - Link to your privacy policy
  • State which types of personal data are collected by the services
  • A list of the cookies that the services set on the website
    - The purposes of the cookies
    - The lifetime/expiry date of the listed cookies

2. Functionalities it should have

  • A button to accept all cookies
  • A button to reject all cookies
  • A button to “learn more” about the cookies that are set
  • The ability to block cookies before giving consent

3. Legal Requirements it should meet

  • A data processing addendum (DPA) from your CMP provider
  • Proof of consent i.e. the data controller should be able to demonstrate that the data subject has given consent to the processing operation
  • Obligation to inform the user (GDPR Art. 13) e.g. where their data was collected; what it is used for; if a transfer to a third country or IO happening; who the processor(s) are; and most importantly: if data is used for profiling, their right to object for further data processing

4. Nice and definitely advantageous to have

  • To have a function of scanning a website to determine the cookies it sets
  • To automatically block cookies until the user gives consent
  • To abide to accessibility frameworks when it comes to the design of your banner
  • To have an European provider for your banner
  • To provide access to the opt-in statistics on your website or app

On top of all the necessary information and functionalities that a cookie banner should include, the TRUENDO CMP automatically scans your website once a month to ensure that you're compliant; it's designed according to the WCAG 2.0 accessibility framework so that people with a wider range of abilities can exercise their right to privacy; it has an auto-block feature and a statistics dashboard - Insights, to make GDPR compliance easier than ever. Interested to know more? You can check out the full list of features here.