September 7, 2022

TRUENDO featured on Cybernews Best Magento Extensions

TRUENDO featured on Cybernews Best Magento Extensions

How GDPR impacts eCommerce

European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to all websites including online stores that provide services to website visitors in the EU. Many other regions are also enforcing their own version of the GDPR, such as the CCPA of California and LGPD of Brazil. As an eCommerce store owner or admin, you would be handling a huge amount of customer data on a daily basis. This means most likely that one of many regulations, including the GDPR - the strictest data protection law to date - would apply to your online store.

At TRUENDO, we understand the difficulties that come with GDPR website compliance, and the increasing complexities of staying in line with data protection regulations. Even though it is as easy as copy and paste to implement TRUENDO on most websites, we've been working on more integration options to accommodate the different needs of our customers. One of which is Adobe Commerce / Magento - one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.  Magento is an open-source platform first released in 2007 that is used to create over 150,000 online stores today. TRUENDO has created a free GDPR extension for Magento 2 supporting Magento Open Source, Commerce on-premises, and Commerce on Cloud to help make your Magento store GDPR compliant.

TRUENDO features to help make your Magento store GDPR compliant

  • TRUENDO auto-scans your site monthly and auto-updates its policies regularly according to the latest GDPR requirements, providing you your peace of mind.
  • TRUENDO automatically blocks third-party services that require consent and ensures your site does not collect any personal data until the visitors provide consent.
  • Explicit opt-in and opt-out mechanisms.
  • TRUENDO displays useful data that it lawfully collects, such as customer consent in a visual and meaningful way to help your eCommerce business grow.
  • Your customers can access useful information such as the data your site collects, your privacy policy, their GDPR user rights, and the contact details of your data protection officer in the TRUENDO privacy widget on your site.
  • In the case of your customers wishing to exercise their right to access their personal data collected or their right to have it deleted, they can easily find their Privacy-ID - their anonymized user ID in the TRUENDO privacy widget, and you can search for the consent logs related to their Privacy-ID effortlessly within your TRUENDO console.

Check out our extended guide on GDPR website compliance for all websites and our full features list.

It seems our hard work is finally paying off. Recently, experts from named TRUENDO as one of the best Magento extensions! For those who are not familiar with them, Cybernews is an online publication. Its team offers tons of useful recourses from tech news to discounts and offers for VPNs.

Magento 2 GDPR Extension

The TRUENDO extension allows Magento merchants to integrate our all-in-one website compliance solution hassle-free:

  1. Created a TRUENDO account.
  2. Download the TRUENDO extension from the Magento marketplace.
  3. Follow the Magento installation guide provided.
  4. Add your Site-ID that we provide within your console.
  5. Save changes!

TRUENDO will then appear on your Magento eCommerce website and provide a GDPR, e-Privacy, and CCPA compliant consent management platform with built-in privacy policy and cookie policy.

For detailed information about integrating TRUENDO on your Adobe Commerce / Magento website, check out our Magento plugin page.