September 7, 2022

Cookie banner accessibility checklist

Cookie banner accessibility checklist
Accessibility at TRUENDO

We believe that the internet should be a safe space for everyone, and that anyone, without exception, should be able to exercise their right to data privacy. To realize our mission of protecting the right to data privacy and democratizing access to the web, we have made sure that our privacy panel is usable by people with the widest possible range of abilities. We strive for constant improvement and we are actively taking actions to empower our team and users with the education that they need to understand and navigate the complex and ever-changing field of data privacy.

To help you understand how TRUENDO stays WCAG 2.0 level AAA conform, we have prepared a checklist for cookie banners and privacy panels with our recommendations that might also be helpful to those who also want to make the internet a safer, more accessible space. Please reference the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for more detailed requirements here.

For it to be perceivable

✓ The application is structured in a logical manner
✓ The content is presented in a meaningful order  
✓ The presentation of information is not solely rely on colour - consider font sizes, the use of icons and layout
✓ Text is able to be enlarged without loss of content or function
✓ Text is in high contrast against the background
✓ Do not use images of text

For it to be operable

✓ Use clear headings and labels to break up the content to improve reading experience
✓ The purpose of every link should be clear from its text

For it to be understandable

✓ Explain abbreviations and clarify technical terms
✓ Provide detailed help and instructions on how to set privacy preferences

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