A cookie is a small text file that stores your settings when you surf the web. When you return to the website with the same device and using the same browser, the cookie information gets sent to the website to improve your surfing experience.

Cookies could also give you information about what people have clicked on, what they have read etc., so they can be extremely important for marketing and sales strategies.

The most common types of cookies are:

  • Strictly necessary: required for the proper operation of a website
  • Marketing: to track user’s online activity
  • Statistics/performance: to collect information on how the users interact with a website (e.g., which pages they have visited, or which links they have clicked) to improve the website’s functions
  • Preference/functionality: can be used to make a user profile (e.g., preferred language or region)

You can always delete cookies actively in your browser, but deleting the cookies in your browser would mean that websites that you often visit will forget your personalized settings e.g. “remember me” or “stay logged in”.

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