What is auto-blocking?

The CMP scans the website and looks for any privacy relevant services. It can automatically filter and block any cookies and services that are requiring consent. In other words, it disables any data collection tools until consent is freely given by the user, and ensures that the website stays compliant with all privacy regulations and requirements.

The auto-blocking of cookies allows cookies to be set only after a user gives his consent.

Why is auto-blocking so important?

Mostly for saving time (it automatically tracks any changes by using tag managers), and money (avoiding huge penalties by violating, even unintentionally, privacy laws).

Some of the hardest parts of getting a website compliant are:  

  • Knowing which scripts/iframes/pixels set which types of cookies
  • Knowing how to make these components controllable

These tasks can be overwhelmingly complex and require a high degree of technical expertise. However, no technical expertise is required when using TRUENDO, because of our auto-blocking feature.

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