Data privacy

One of our fundamental human rights is the right to privacy - not granting access to your personal matters. However, this basic right can get exponentially more difficult to enforce when it comes to the constantly growing and developing digital world.  

In order to protect users’ privacy, laws and regulations are continuously emerging to give more control to web users over the data being collected about them.  

A main part of those rules deals with the user’s right to get access to this personal data. The user has also the right to get information about any data processing by organizations. This data doesn’t even have to be sensitive, you should get access to any personal data you request for.  

Using the web and more importantly, giving consent for websites to collect your personal data, entails the acknowledgement or even agreement on some level of giving up your right to privacy. However, it doesn't mean that this data can be shared with anyone else, other than what you agree on.  

Data protection laws and regulations such as GDPR or CCPA legalize the way of handling in cases of data privacy violations, and reenforcing it by imposing costly fines to whoever is not compliant.  

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